I'm not 'Hyding' from the fact they want me.

"Dr.Niles Crane to you, stupids. Thats right. I called you stupid, stupid" This is a line of dialog I wrote for Dr.Niles Crane in my novelization of the show that I wrote on the internet in late 1999. The story was called "Dr.Niles Crane In Your Brain" and was about Niles taking the reigns of Dr.Frazier Cranes 'little radio show'. 

It's quite ironic then, that I, now a working actor -- have been asked to....well, read along.

Variety is reporting that the 'Batman Begins' style reboot of the Frazier show is headed to the big screen, currently being helmed by McG.  The film  will be exploding onto the scene Summer of 2010. It's not an action flic, but the duo promise it will be 'darker and more in tune with the original few seasons'.  A recent posting on the WikiArchives indicated that a one Kelsey Grammer, who will be a consulting Producer will NOT be playing himself in the film! OMG!! Why? Thats what I said, I asked myself so many times why not?  Grammer, who portrayed 'Cliff' on Cheers before taking his character to his own show feels that the physical demands for the character are too intense, Producers are hoping to nab a teen hunk for the role; The Jonas or High School Musical star, preferably.

So, fans -- many of you are prob sweating bullets right now wondering how all of this relates to lil' ol me. Well, it does. I hope. A friend of mine who is friends with an agent at one of the big houses out here said a little birdy told him that they are looking to cast something 'unique' as Dr.Cranes brother Niles Crane -- yea, thats right -- THEY HAVE THEIR SITES SET ON ME! They want someone explosive on the internet, and explosive in the hearts, minds and souls of the dramatic edge! 

I have ALWAYS luved the way original NILES David Hyde Pierce portrayed the rugged Niles Crane. He had a mix of subtle masculinity, despite what the haterz said. I wish to look at tapes of the show and study his work, then do it better for the film.

So, what other JUICY TIDBITS can I disclose? Well.....heheh ROTFL. I have one...imagine Dr.Crane, Niles, Daphney and ROZ -- but as teens in the grunge era? Say it ain't so? OMG it is SO.

More as soon as I find out!!! :)