This is my newest series. it's a play on words, or as some people say 'le play'. It's from a new series of mine titled 'WORDZ@PLAY'. Life is like that. So many curators are clammoring to get my stuff on their walls. There is so much crud out there, and my stuff is fresh. So many so called artists don't understand, have lightmeter will travel. Take a look at this image, and don't be superficial -- reach into your inner self and FIND the meaning.

Life is a delicate egg. If you think about it. It's very delicate. Life is the inside of an egg. I just read on another blog that I was not all that. I disagree. According to Websters Dictionary "All Of That" is un-defined, it's slang, yo. I don't follow Webster, fuck him. I follow my own drummers beat, the beat of my heart. Maybe YOU should do the same before you judge me. Last time I checked the big man upstairs was still up there chillin out with angels and what not, and you just driving around in your Vdubba drinkin on 32oz of soda pop, spending rad dollas. According to My Dictionary, the one I will be publishing in late 2007 -- "All That" means "The best you can be. A brightness that is inside you. A good person." Maybe the world should hear my drummer sooner rather than later, look out for my story. You will never be the same again. Am I sad right now? yea. I am. I'm just here, I feel like Marlon Brando after he made Waterfront the movie. I feel like, pent up -- as an actor, and as an artist. yeah, I take photos -- but I also act, thats for me, thats for me....


Right now in Hollywood...

According to 'those in the know' the people in Hollywood, or as my grandpa used to say 'Hollyweird' (funny because it is a common perception that many people in "La La" are 'crazy", thus the 'weird' instead of wood, feel me?) are working on chapter one of the filmic retelling of my life, my love, my self. For those of you who follow this blog, thanks. It's all good, and this is where we at right now. I was recently chilling at my crib spot, and I started to think about my camera. I shoot something called 'Film', it's different than these cell phone camz that people are taking pictures with these days. Most so called pros are using cell phone camz, digital shitz, and I'm using a NIKON f2. These so called artist shooting this digital shat can basically go and find themselves a copy of 'THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN' and read that, then they will see what TRUE ART IS. Dude, life is not obtained via "ONES AND ZEROS" that is computer talk, it is documented using a little thing called light, and dark. The emulsion is where it's at, and when I put a slammin Nikkor lens on my F2, I start taking pictures and the world essentially crumbles at my feet. Think about that tomorrow as you're eating your POP TARTS and drinking your so called MILK.


Another Day, Another Click: This Is MY Story, pt 1.

For those who haven't been blessed by my work, I have something to tell you : get off ya ass! Thats right. This is my newest bio, part one.

Photography is the nurturing essence of life. I first stepped behind a lens when I was five, I soon learned that in order to keep living, I had to keep 'clicking'. With my lens, I delicately painted with light. Learning that light and dark = the creation of images, I poised my point and shoot, and shot what I saw. Anyone who saw my images told me I was gifted, that I understood something on a deeper level. I started collecting cameras, and anything I could get my hands on that related to camz. I spent my young childhood taking photographs, until I met a little enemy by the name of 'self doubt'. Self doubt said to me 'Troy you don't take pictures anymore, you gotta enter the real world. High School -- only nerds snap pics!". I said 'Self Doubt, you right...you right", I took it to heart. I put my cameras in a brown cardboard box, taped it up and hid it in the garage -- I can still smell the plastic of my Fuji 1kmx-091, and I swear it was crying.

I entered high school with my eyes on the prize. I was budding, becoming a man. I was known for riding a skateboard in a handstand position, something true and rare to this day. I wanted to be a model, I knew what it was like to be one with the camera. Chess King whispered my name.I started to have a charisma, and that gave me the ability to find my true, my one and only, angel. Her name was Sharon, and she was the equivilant of golden lambs wool, essential, pure, a beauty beyond compare. She was a cheerleader -- go figure, me and a cheerleader. It was true. I watched her practice with her girls, I remember her hair and bust bouncing up and down as she kicked her sensual legs, and flexed her sensual leg muscles. When our eyes met, it was like a fire had connected us -- a fire that sparked with glimmering saphire, the essence of life.


Light Meter Chain

Hey yo,

Today I started a project, wherein a took a chain from Home Depot, a heavy Chain -- something like my main man Treach from Naughty By Nature would wear. I took my lightmeter, totally bangin' Sekonic 308-B II and drilled a hole through it using an old fashion hand crank drill (my mother always told me). I fashioned a hook, and hung the Sekto from the chain around my neck, shit is swinging back and fourth. I feel empowered by this, nobody else would have tha cajones to rock a Sekonic 308 N II from his neck peice, crazy.

Sharon Is An Angel.

Sharon is a beautiful angel. When God made earth, he bestowed it with her, golden hair of grey, beautiful skin -- sensual. I still think of her. She reminds me of how I imagine Jesus would see Mary Magdelaine, both of them are very important in the scheme of things. I often wonder what life would be like from the wings of angels, then I think, I had an angel -- but she slipped away...