Right now in Hollywood...

According to 'those in the know' the people in Hollywood, or as my grandpa used to say 'Hollyweird' (funny because it is a common perception that many people in "La La" are 'crazy", thus the 'weird' instead of wood, feel me?) are working on chapter one of the filmic retelling of my life, my love, my self. For those of you who follow this blog, thanks. It's all good, and this is where we at right now. I was recently chilling at my crib spot, and I started to think about my camera. I shoot something called 'Film', it's different than these cell phone camz that people are taking pictures with these days. Most so called pros are using cell phone camz, digital shitz, and I'm using a NIKON f2. These so called artist shooting this digital shat can basically go and find themselves a copy of 'THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN' and read that, then they will see what TRUE ART IS. Dude, life is not obtained via "ONES AND ZEROS" that is computer talk, it is documented using a little thing called light, and dark. The emulsion is where it's at, and when I put a slammin Nikkor lens on my F2, I start taking pictures and the world essentially crumbles at my feet. Think about that tomorrow as you're eating your POP TARTS and drinking your so called MILK.

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