Life is a delicate egg. If you think about it. It's very delicate. Life is the inside of an egg. I just read on another blog that I was not all that. I disagree. According to Websters Dictionary "All Of That" is un-defined, it's slang, yo. I don't follow Webster, fuck him. I follow my own drummers beat, the beat of my heart. Maybe YOU should do the same before you judge me. Last time I checked the big man upstairs was still up there chillin out with angels and what not, and you just driving around in your Vdubba drinkin on 32oz of soda pop, spending rad dollas. According to My Dictionary, the one I will be publishing in late 2007 -- "All That" means "The best you can be. A brightness that is inside you. A good person." Maybe the world should hear my drummer sooner rather than later, look out for my story. You will never be the same again. Am I sad right now? yea. I am. I'm just here, I feel like Marlon Brando after he made Waterfront the movie. I feel like, pent up -- as an actor, and as an artist. yeah, I take photos -- but I also act, thats for me, thats for me....

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