Another Day, Another Click: This Is MY Story, pt 1.

For those who haven't been blessed by my work, I have something to tell you : get off ya ass! Thats right. This is my newest bio, part one.

Photography is the nurturing essence of life. I first stepped behind a lens when I was five, I soon learned that in order to keep living, I had to keep 'clicking'. With my lens, I delicately painted with light. Learning that light and dark = the creation of images, I poised my point and shoot, and shot what I saw. Anyone who saw my images told me I was gifted, that I understood something on a deeper level. I started collecting cameras, and anything I could get my hands on that related to camz. I spent my young childhood taking photographs, until I met a little enemy by the name of 'self doubt'. Self doubt said to me 'Troy you don't take pictures anymore, you gotta enter the real world. High School -- only nerds snap pics!". I said 'Self Doubt, you right...you right", I took it to heart. I put my cameras in a brown cardboard box, taped it up and hid it in the garage -- I can still smell the plastic of my Fuji 1kmx-091, and I swear it was crying.

I entered high school with my eyes on the prize. I was budding, becoming a man. I was known for riding a skateboard in a handstand position, something true and rare to this day. I wanted to be a model, I knew what it was like to be one with the camera. Chess King whispered my name.I started to have a charisma, and that gave me the ability to find my true, my one and only, angel. Her name was Sharon, and she was the equivilant of golden lambs wool, essential, pure, a beauty beyond compare. She was a cheerleader -- go figure, me and a cheerleader. It was true. I watched her practice with her girls, I remember her hair and bust bouncing up and down as she kicked her sensual legs, and flexed her sensual leg muscles. When our eyes met, it was like a fire had connected us -- a fire that sparked with glimmering saphire, the essence of life.

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