Photography, gonna make you sweat.

I recently purchased a Canon 5D Mark II High Definition Camera that shoots at 12.8 effective pixels using the CMOS processing algorithm . I had a killer shoot coming up and I really wanted to shoot both full frame 35mm stills and high definition video with only .5ft depth of field.

My subject that day was a flower. A killer rad one! I took out my camera, along with my Zacuto 'internal' battery pack suit, purchased from Zacuto along with a 200 lb finder that would allow a magnification of 2x and implement directly into my retina. I then added a seat that I purchased off RedRock Mirco for 5,000 that would attach to the tripod connection of my 5D and implement directly into my bottom via bolts purchased on eBay. Along with a shoulder rig and pull focus device that I also bought from Zacuto for $20,000 I was able to get the shot of my flower.

I felt exactly like Michael Bay. I had such a cool killer rad rig. I was so cool that I took four pictures. I am going to post these pictures to my blog soon along with a time lapse video I created showing the process. Killer !