First Cut is ever so very....

It's wack, yo -- check it out. I commisioned a movie detailing the path to glory which is my life, and they take it and, I might add -- I came with it straight out da gate as far as acting goes. Some of the staff called me up like 'yo, this performance was hell of tight, yo' and I was like 'thanks, but I barely even tried to kill it and I did it, yo'.

So, I'm waiting here creating some brilliant art with PHOTO SHOP and my f2 (peep my new photoz soon) and they call me up telling me about some 'first cut, rough cut' type of shit. That is not good, not.... My mood today is UPSET.



I've been anxious waiting for the edit of my movie to get done. Yo, this is the impossibility of life -- waiting. Time is of the essence, ain't it true? If god can make a whole planet outa of a rib, then I can wait for some peeps to edit up a film. Idle hands are the Devils plaything -- so I keep busy. A friend of mine online HACKPHR33k100 sent me a laptop and computer program called PHOTO SHOP. I guess alot of people use it, because they need to 'change' the way their photos look. I don't believe you can change a photo, if you change the frame then it is nothing. My man Henri-Cartier Breson once said so. So, that being said, I decdied that I could turn this PHOTO SHOP into a new medium, unlike photography. I started doing some stuff, and this is the first of many to come.

When you look at this, challange your mind, your innered-soul. It happened one night they say...



I've taken to listening to lots of tunez these days. I try and find the most bangin shits but, sometimes I need to relax. Yeah, it's rough. Pouring yourself into a film role, like I've been doing -- it saps you. It takes away from your innerd-core. Mostly, it's made me think about Sharon -- alot. She was so supple, and I miss that. I think back to those days of straight going for ours and I remember...great times. So, that being said -- I wanted to try and find a common place on the audible level, someplace where, musically -- I could recline. It's all good I thought, I mighta find myself some CDz all up inside of my CD holder (really cool one too). I flipped through and found a disc labled 'JIMMY BUFFET'. Jimmy likes the good life, that is for sure. His work reminds me of some of the things Ive done with the WORDS@PLAY series. If you think about it -- he's a little bit of a riff on my work. Margaritaville is a slammin track he has, where the words indicate that people should 'sip their days away at Margaritaville'. I looked it up in a dictionary, and there isn't a definiton for Margaritaville -- I figured I might have to make one up!

Margaritville (place): A beach where the Margaritas are overflowin' and the ladies out their doing they are thing.

So imagine, visualize yourself out there -- just sipping' on some Margaritas and you see these honies playing, but then imagine that one of the girls has a face of someone you love so dearly, someone you miss so dearly, then take the margarita cup and smash it in sorrow. THATS REALITY.


Do we really SEE what we see?

I was working in the darkroom, or the 'lab' as I like to call it today. I had just finished shooting several roles of TRI-X, a film manufactured by the Kodak Company (yes, film is still alive). This is a black and white stock, and I started to look at my images as they developed. Yes, indeed -- the smell was good, it smelt well. I had taken several shots of my friend Kimoko wearing a furry shawl. The images, while definitely artistic, featured some minor nudity. Nothing gross at all folks, nothing gross. One of her nipples had been exposed. I thought to myself -- why does god paint parts of us different shades? It got the wheels inside my head turning. I thought 'while this photo is black and white, what if I added some color -- of my own? I took out a box of photocrayons and started adding a vibrant ruby red to different areas, such as the lips -- a part of the body that is quite unique. The end result was a unique, totally original and inspiring peice that fused black and white class, with touches of color -- splashes if you will. Just think, what if god was one of us? Thats how I felt. As artists, we have a responsibility to challange oneselves to push oneselves into deeper and more intense areas. What if I ran into Mark Twain today? I would ask him 'hey buddy, how is Tom Sawyer?" He would get it, but everyone around us would be confused. This is because you aren't cultured people. Tom Sawyer is from a book Twain wrote called 'Huck Fin', very rad indeed. I'm suprised how many of yo out there don't understand common literature. So, if you want to put down your Starbuck$ drinks and McDonald$ soda pops for one minute, maybe you can discover a little lost treasure called ... life. Yah heard?