I've taken to listening to lots of tunez these days. I try and find the most bangin shits but, sometimes I need to relax. Yeah, it's rough. Pouring yourself into a film role, like I've been doing -- it saps you. It takes away from your innerd-core. Mostly, it's made me think about Sharon -- alot. She was so supple, and I miss that. I think back to those days of straight going for ours and I remember...great times. So, that being said -- I wanted to try and find a common place on the audible level, someplace where, musically -- I could recline. It's all good I thought, I mighta find myself some CDz all up inside of my CD holder (really cool one too). I flipped through and found a disc labled 'JIMMY BUFFET'. Jimmy likes the good life, that is for sure. His work reminds me of some of the things Ive done with the WORDS@PLAY series. If you think about it -- he's a little bit of a riff on my work. Margaritaville is a slammin track he has, where the words indicate that people should 'sip their days away at Margaritaville'. I looked it up in a dictionary, and there isn't a definiton for Margaritaville -- I figured I might have to make one up!

Margaritville (place): A beach where the Margaritas are overflowin' and the ladies out their doing they are thing.

So imagine, visualize yourself out there -- just sipping' on some Margaritas and you see these honies playing, but then imagine that one of the girls has a face of someone you love so dearly, someone you miss so dearly, then take the margarita cup and smash it in sorrow. THATS REALITY.

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