The Golden Goose

Last night I had a dream, or an epiphany. I woke up sweating bullets, sweating bullets of sadness and joy. This emotional 'cocktail' was very powerfully indeed. If you think about this, you will be hardpresed to not feel the same as I.

The Golden Goose, yes -- that is my new moniker. That is my new nickname if you will. In some cultures, such as on-line culture, the use of surnames is popular. Dog, I am popular and thus I use this new name, gloriously -- The Golden Goose.

In the dream, I was wearing nothing but a large headdress, made of feathers, bone splitting and gauzy, blue and gold streamers. I wore this 'feather hat' as I called it (in my dream) for hours, as I was carried through a field of strawberry and wheat. Soon, those who had carried me -- duck like beings, similar to the platypus character on Mr.Rodgers -- sat me on a large podium made of straw and pennyroot. I soon was lead off the magic carpet type device I was carried on and escorted to this landing, made of pennyroot and straw.

I sat down, and they watched expectantly. What did they expect I thought to myself in a dreamline haze. I searched for my NIKON f2, but in this reality -- I did not have one. Startled by this sobering reality, I just sat, and sat. Suddenly, I felt strange -- very strange. Soon, from where I sat -- I rose! Underneath me, a large golden egg appeared -- yes, it was from within ME!

Soon the duck people swarmed, pushed me away. I had done my deed, I was now useless to them. They took hammers and javelins and poked the giant golden egg!! Soon, it broke in many pieces and inside the bounty revealed itself: Snickers bars, peppermint sticks and treats of various cultures pored from the egg.

Soon after, I woke up -- I realized, that life, indeed wants something from me. Maybe Sharon is in me somewhere? What is life without a good riddle? I call that death, dog, straight up.

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