Samantha Ressurected In SITC Movie?

Friends. I just finished reading a working draft, a new one that my boy hooked me up with. So, the Samantha story is pretty deep. I know many of you like her, because she speaks like a cat, and is full of sexual appeals. It's cool -- I think she is all that, not more. Well, for those of you who can't get enough 'all spark' on her, here is some good wordz:

Samantha is resurrected into a feline for a fantasy sequence in the Sex In The City Movie! Carrie Bradshaw, now working for Mista Bigg main lines pure meth and starts to dream about a cafe' in Paris she visited with the Russian dancer dog. Well, he was a dog, that is for sure. Well, the cafe is tres chic and all that. She remembers having baguettes full of umbrellas and wearing a uber cute Leus Croix Berret in fauna green. In her dream, she is naked except for a photograph of her as a younger gal, she looked more different then. This sequence is described as 'Fellini-esque' in the script. Carrie wanders the streets, and she is accompanied only by a kitten. A small kitten that purrrrrrs...well, the cat purrrs and is horny for some sex! Yes, she likes to do it! Carrie realizes, in her meth'ed out state that this cat is Samantha...or is it???

Not to drop too many spoilers, but Chris Noth morphs at least ounce in the film, as ILM is working on something called 'GREEN SCREEN' for those of you who aren't into movies, this is what is used when people want to make morphing effects. The most highly evolved version can be seen in the Michael Jackson Black or White Video. Well, I think Carrie Bradshaw is going to morph....on the inside. Life lessons y'all.

- 'Troy'

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