Acting is my bag.

"What Til They Get A Load Of Me" -- Jack said it best in Batman [1989]. What face to you presnt to the world? Are you a happy go lucky kind of fellow, or are you deep, dark and mysterious? Me -- I couldn't decide. When I was child younger, I learned that I could be both. In fact, I could also be a lady, a tiny alien being and a hobo! I could do anything -- yes, on stage, I could be anything. Acting, yes, acting is my bag. To me acting is a way for the soul to communicate with the eyes and ears of the world. I think growing up, I used to pretend like I was the dad from 8 Is Enough, I wanted to act like him, act how he talked, act how he walked. I knew, even watching a show like 8 is enough, I knew what I needed to be doing...

I went into Photography soon after, and I found that my eye and the eye of a camera are similar. Think about it : they both have an iris and shutter, and they both have auto focus -- I put a UV filter on my camera lens, and a pair of glasses over my eye lens. It seems like such an easy thing to notice, but I think I'm the only one to really see it for what it is. I use my camera like many people use their checkbooks or pens and papers, they use theirs to be part of society, and I use mine to document part of society. I imagine finding a subject as interesting as myself, somewhere on a stage, perhaps in Englands or on the Circle theater of Shakespear -- giving the performance of his life, speaking the lines of Othello or Hamlet, with power. I would photograph myself in such a way that the power of the performance resonated with YOU the audience.

Act to live, live to Snap. Thats the way I live.

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