Chinese Deomcracy and Other Such Thingz.

I believe Axel Rose is trying to get ah old of me. Yo, word is up. For real though, I must say, I find it quite hell strange that the mastermind behind Welcome To The Jungle is trying to get up inside of my grill. According to various blogs, Axel wants to use me in his newest incarnation of Guns & Roses. No, I am a photo snapper by trade, an Actor by choice and desire, and a wondrous generator of creative zen by nature of the almighty, but a music dude? Well, I believe it's all good.

I checked on Wikipedia recently, and apparently Guns and Roses are planning to reform under a new regiment, one that encompasses alien technology discovered on an alien word called The Moon. Axel and me will co-lead sing, and the other band members will be up to committee. I feel in my heart, a str8 up bangin' band would consist of the following:


It's all good. I can do it all. Michael Jordan used to call himself 'Numbero 23' because he could do it all, play mad basketball with his boys, make cologne and underwear, dunk it. Me, I enjoy the more subtle and less mainstream things of nature, but imagine the steamy shots I could get with my F2 while ON-STAGE! I could shoot directly INTO the light fixtures and move the camera. As an actor, I was told me skills had serious accolades. If to photography I am part Bresson and part Anne Geddes, to acting I am part Marlon Brando and part Mark Linn-Baker , to singing what would I be? Only god knows, yo.

Axel Rose: Lead Vocals . Other than fronting a little tight band know az Guns & Roses, Axel also wrote the apt titled 'Axel F' for the hit movie (y'all know) Beverly Hills Cop . After decades of trying to get the new GnR off the foot, he's now ready to bring Chinese Democracy to the world with the help of tha man aka 'Troy'. Axel still knows whats up. His new braided hat lookin good like my lady Sharon before she got taken by Patric. Shed be better off in my arms, look where I am NOW? I miss you, sad soft.

Now, you might ask yourself -- how do we fill a void left by Slasher the previous guitar dude, and Duff or whatever? In my crib we have a saying 'Carpe Diem'. It means 'The day is precious, you should take whatever positive opportunities you can from it, and do your best to optimize them to their fullest incarnation'. That is why I propose something a bit off. I know many of you are too busy mashing up your songs to realize the impact of what I propose here, but you gotta recognize that what I'm doing is on the real tip. I have always loved harmonies, very precious ones. I hear them in my eyes when I shoot snaps of various things....Nobody does harmony better than this one:

John 'Uncle Jessie' Stamos. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Uncle Jessie is an actor, not a musicado. Well, wrong. dead wrong. Uncle Jessie was the lead singer and writer for his own band Jessie and the Rippers. The band DID IT ALL. Drawing from his roots as an incidental drummer for The Beach Boyz, Jessie brought it all to the table in stunning, erotic fashion. Barbershop choir, FUCK YEAH, he did that shit before ROCKAPELLA even knew what was up. Orchestra tin bangin as fuck ass Sax solos on the drop of a mahfuckin hat? Hell yeah, you know. At Disney World, the sax in the 'rippers' brought it. Stamos and his band of rockin freinds, me and Axel?Are you kidding me?

Just make the call Axel, dog. Make the call.

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