My Life Is Imploding.

'you better check yourself, before you wreck yourself'
- Ice Cube feat. Das Efx

Life is like a sad face. Sometimes it frowns, and other times, it isn't sad, it's deceptive. I think this is my life. There are many things that are not all of that, and I need to flip up the script up and explain it to all of you all.

First, I decided to hell of go and get some new TATZ, for those who aren't down with my lingo slang, TATZ is short for 'tattoos'. According to websters, and WAPEDIA a tattoo is a surgical pigmentation that is implanted intoward your skin molecular cells. I have so many, I do now. FUCK establishment! I have all of my fav cameraz all up and down all of my armz, and I'm getting a new tatty on my stommy : It reads in old englash letters 'TAKE THIS' and then there is a picture of a shutter, and an arrow that points DOWN. Yeah, I GO FOR IT. I GO FOR IT. I am turning a deaf ear toward the world right now. F you AXEL, that NAME IS FITTING.

I was going to make China Democracy a major hit, and I was going to drop my life for you. I'm sick of it. Why don't you go and roll around in your piles of cash... I don't need none of that chedder because I have something called 'artism', it's like narcolepsy, but for artists, dick.

Back in 1986 when you wanna make piss/I wanna make money in both of my fists, so I take out me camera and snap some pics/wake up smell the roses, cause you aint sh--!
-'Troy' from his China Democracy journal.

The passage above would have been on your album, but guess what? YOU BLEW IT! . Can you imagine that passage dissing your man Slasher? Your ex-pan Duffy, and Kagan? Kagan would have pissed on himself if you added his lame name, like 'Kagan, you think you drum with one arm, I think you DUMB with one arm'. An Axel is supposed to keep things spinning, but you 'my friend' (I thought I could call you that, but you're only a friend to people you trust, know and respect, I don't need a friend like that jerk...) don't keep -anything- spinning.

Well, my movie, typical Hollyweird. The producers want to WATCH WHAT WE SHOT. They don't like it, think it's too 'real' to true. I bet they told that to Martie Scorcesen when he made Mad Streets and Rageing Bull. Maybe they should think with their MINDS instead of their BILLFOLDS. Think about that when you sip your drinks.


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