Whats up? So, The new show 'Make a movie' with Stephen Speilberg is on tonight. I thought I might take a look at it because, me am making a film and I felt it needed to be explored. I logged onto WikiTV and I started typing some keyz, I wanted to choose my own keys, I HATE the established order of QWERTY, yo. I say, no. In the early 19th century, when keyboards were being developed by the Knights in the Knights + Dragons era of History, they decided that a man who went by the name QWERTY was important. He talked, and thus, the letters were born.

Why take a year old contrivance, and hell of associate it with the keyboards of the 21st and 22nd centuries? Why don't we just 'pull a chain' to flush our bowls, or use leafs to finish in the toilet. It's called advancementism. See, man likes to advance it's sciences and thingz, and that is what man does best. Why would we harkon back toward the knights and dragons era, or the laura ingles period? Why would anyone make a chair by hand? We have developed roboticons to do this for us. Dog, it's called reality, maybe you should check your PDA or CAMERA PHONE at the door and recognize that these are both products of societial advancementism.

Yo, you never thought that Mr.Troy would be dropping some brainism on all of you alls mind spaces? Speaking of. I think it's fun when we like to do it up in the house. It's all of good, peeopz..

For those of you interested, and according to my COMPUSERV account, many of you are. Episode two is being put together right now, but first, it is being evaluated by the Associated Press for possible inclusion in the AP ALMANAC, something created in association with YAHOO GROUPS, Mapquest and a prince from Egypt who needed help cashing a check. It's live, and serious, and for those of you who are scared, YES, BOO BOO DOES FACE ADVERSITY in this chapter. That is called REALITY, and another word for you, REALITUDE.

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