WGA STRIKE NEWS - Carson Daily All That?

What up y'all. It's known that Carson Daily, aka Mr.Day is in the house in more ways than one. According to the new WIKI entry, Daily is going to explode his hilarious comedy across the united states soon, going against orders from the WGA high counsel and doing 'his own damn thing'.

I feel this will strike a mighty punch to the WGA, as Daily is regarded as one of the most talented, hilarious, and witty writers/performers around right now. It's like saying that Michael Jordan is going to be the only player in the NBA. Daily, known for being the most important piece of the lucrative MTV empire in the 90s has been dominating late night TV for the last several years. According to Reuters, Daily will soon replace Conan AND eventually land a prime time slot that will allow him to stretch out Variety show style across several hours.

WWCDD Bumper stickers are the new hot thing, and many HOT TOPICS stores are selling shirts featuring a vintage, circa 1999 image of Carson with some paint splatters. One photoshop blogger has managed to photoshop an EMO haircut onto Carson, and he looks fab! The shirt, titled 'CARSON EMO DAILY' can be found exclusively at Fred Segals in West Hollywood for $150.00 with all proceeds going to the WGA Warriors Fund.

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