Through the looking glass....

My phone rang, I looked at Caller-ID and it said "AXEL" I was so scared.

What would he say? My hands sweat...

Would he be nice? Would he make a joke like "hey buddy, lets make a song...NOT"

Would be scream, berate me, hurt me so deeply like he has done so many times in the past. 

Would he celebrate me? Would he show sorrow and upset, would he be ultimately disappointed in himself for not including our track on China Democrats? 


Thats right, I'm breaking the fourth wall today. I'm talking to YOU the reader. Yes, you drinking coffee -- I see you. Thats right, you....girl, looking at the monitor. Weird? I may have just described you, thats because I have officially broken through the fourth wall. 

Maybe Axel wants to pat me on the back and talk about collaborating on a new venture, something that would showcase what I do, my skill set. Axel is probably thinking he is so upset that me and DA SLASH refused to record on his album because he said we sucked, he was SO wrong. 

Right? Right, you in the GREEN shirt looking toward the monitor and wishing you could get with me. I cup my ear to hear the construction worker in the back, looking at this blog via his blackberry storm, he is taking a moment away to read this. Thank you worker! Thank you!!

SO. Axel. I stand here not alone, but with the entire BLOGOSPHERE behind me. We stand united against the horrible treatment you put on to me, and the way you stopped our collaboration, OUR version of GnR from kicking butt and taking names. 

Et Tu' Brute?

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