Axel continues to hurt...


Today I received something pretty weird. I got a package in the snail mail that was wrapped in vines, paper towels and tears. I opened it slowly as I watched the rain tap tap tap on the window outside. It was cold, a cold November. Axel was on my mind. Not because he's good, but because he's good at being a dick to me. Nostrodomus once said that California would soon break off and form an island. I don't disagree, but I wish it would happen soon. I know Axel lives in LA and he would pretty much be FUCKED stuck on that island, while I would find the remaining members of GnR and form a much more, kick ass version of them. It's more than a dream assholes, it's a reality.

ME on Vocals and Small Cymbals

Slasher on Guitar [YEA!]

Joey Gladstone on Comedy -- yes! I don't follow the rules of music. My band will rock hard, then Joey Gladstone will do a Popeye impression that will make you all shit your pants, then we will play the hardest version of the entire Spaghetti Incident? CD which will make you shit yourselfs again, but harder.

Duffy On Guitar and attitude.

DJ Bart Simpson on turntables. YES!

We will play our first date on the new beach front property in the dunes. What would you do if it happened? Would you be happy or sad? If I was you, and I was looking back at myself as if in another world, I would be so happy. I would say 'forgoe downloads' and I would buy our album on LP or CD. What would you do when a clown turned your frown into a smile? You would accept it, thats what.

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