Axel hurts me more...

Well friends, it's finally out. After years, no, decades of waiting -- Axel has finally decided to release his song China Democracy into the realm of 'reality'. Some of my long time fans might remember a bit of a fight I had with Axel a year or so ago. The fight was talked about on Axis Hollywood and other shows. I am really pissed inside because of course, Axeler decided to not put our collaboration on the disc. The dick told me he would, he told me in confidence behind closed doors. We spoke about it and we made an agreement. I don't understand -- is this the guy who wrote Welcome to Jungle? Has he forgot all that he stood for?

I decided to get some help. I called up Slasher and Duffy [who is now a girl, post op, but still rocks and jamz hard with both my band and the one with the guy from the Stone Pilots]. Me and Slasher sat down over a cup of joe and had a real, serious, heart to heart. I told him about the work I did with Axel and he told me how Axel wanted to be more like me. According to Slasher, he said that Axel wanted to mold himself 'in my voice' as far as music goes, and take the lyrics I wrote and turn them into the next hit! This is why China Democrats took so long to come out. Look, no offense Axel, but you used to have Slasher and Duffy and now you have Mr.Bucket and the guy from the Rembrants? I mean, come-on. Why don't you do a cover of the "Friends" theme ya dick.

It gets me heated inside and it hurts me too. Tears aren't meant to cause such pain as they streak down your check. Cold November Rain down my face as I think of you Axel, and what you did to me and my song....our song.

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