"I laugh, so I don't cry" from Vanity Fair

"Douth thou fancy a cig?" the paper was wrinkled like a prune in his wrinkled old hands. "Not me, no" said the man with a face like a prune, wrinkled. "Troy" looked toward the prune-like man and smiled "Well, you don't say..."
-- from Untitled by 'Troy'


Troy was curious. His rouded hair looked artificial, but he swears it is his own. His eyes are glassy, translucent, and empty. He smiles like a mad-man one moment, and breaks into utter sorrow the next. He is man, he is more than man. This would be god stands before me in his tank top, short shorts and ratty cover-all; if he is a prophet of love, I'm ready to learn from him.

"I am man of renissance day" said Troy, looking up from a cup of tea.
"Would you fancy a smoke?" he murmured with a faux-english accent. I wasn't interested in a smoke, I had quit two years ago and it was a bear. "I smoke these...hand rolled cigarellos, but they are't filled with tabacoo...they are filled with 'bacco". Do you like writing? I do. Sometimes, when I'm working long hours on the set of my opus [think There will be Blood, but with better performances] I write on my novel. Yes, I am also a novel writer. I've always been told that my words cut through daily life like a knife cutting through hot butter. Poetic? Yes, indeed. That is my 'thing' my bag is poetry, but in word form. Many poets talk on the street, or in coffee shoppes. I do my talking on the typewriter, making words that MATTER and spreading my verbal wings like a dove waiting take-off from the pearly gates of omicron.

Actor, photographer, writer and philosopher? Troy, do you see the world in shades of black and white like most people do? Ney, I don't. I think the world is shades of grey, shades of purples and soft pinks. I think the world is....well, the world just IS. Just Is.... He was confident, trailing off on his 1960s era typewriter which he calls his 'time machine to thy past'. "Blogging is the way of the future. I blog therfore, I am. John Shakespeare said it best "To Blog is to be, to be is to blog"


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