Axel. You Hurt me, causes tear.

Dear Axel,

I'm a little worried. Are you 'okay'? I am. I want to reconnect with you. I think the idea of you, me and Jessie forming the new GnR will be the solution you need! I mean, I don't care about Jessie, because he is already famous and probably isn't on the same level as us musically speaking, but I want me and you 2 B 2.

When my pants are down, and I think of the day. Before I comb my hair, and stare outside the rain, it clings to me, like the sadness that speaks to me. In the cold November Rain. I want to remake that song, FIRST thing we do. I want to do a remake of it, so bad. I want to sit there, in a room with you, KICKIN it as hard as you can, and just lay out some lyrics. I use different colored (or coloured in UK) inks to establish the emotional thread I want lay down through song structures. For example, people associate the color blue with sorrow -- and rain... do you get it?

Well. I know you're just busy, and soon you will be calling me. If you get my machine PLEASE leave a message as I might be shooting this movie, yeah -- about me. I feel it's important, but you're important. Oh my Axel, you plus me equals a whole lot of ...love. Think on it.



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