Sad Sack Thoughts Of A Random Nature.

Yo. What time is it? I often ask myself that before I seize my camera and take a picture. One time, I turned the camera around and pointed it at myself. You might ask yourself, 'yo, is he crazy? arms length, what up?'. Let me tell y'all. THATS LIFE right there, and when you live 'la vita boca' thats how you live. I had an idea of getting a tatt (slang for Tattoo, something you get when a tool embeds ink into your empidermius) on my face, actually on my eye. You wonder, is he crazy, boca? I say "hell yes" you see life hasn't been easy for me, and that makes you hard on the outside. Hard like the shell of a hardboiled egg (thus 'hard' boiled, go figure). Yeah, yeah. My heart broke and is broken, yo. Life goes on. Remember that song? It was written for the show by the same name 'Life Goes On' and was song by Chris Burke, who played Cork Thatcher on the show. Cork had a disability, but he hardly let it stop him. The tune was covered by The Beatles later. Go figure?

There are issues coming up as I sit and shoot this ere movie, and the feelings aren't all that, really. According to my sources at Wikipedia, time is of the essence. I think of myself, sitting here, pouring my soul out into this hella large and seriously intense story of my life. A retelling. There are -some- liberties, but mostly, my life. I cry at night. I think about 'The Nurse' and what he did to me, I think of the truest of love forms Sharon. She, with her gentle spirit and...I want to do it justice on screen. In fact, I'm sick of the shit that has been happening thus far. Fucking press junkets coming up soon, and I want to speak my mind, if the SHEEP don't try to hold my ass down. Words that bang from my mouth and flow into the EARS OF BABES. They, directors, producers, publicists, they want to make you look so tidy, so up and standing, so perfect. Is the sixteen chapel perfect? Is a flower? An atom? No, none of these, and I'm no different. I made LIFE LIFE didn't make me.

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