I'm excited, very much. I called my friend Axel Rose today and spoke to Lydia his rep. She told me Axe was definitely interested in making some music with me and my crew as proposed in a previous blog. This means alot, because a fool like me, just wants to get out there and do it art way. I love art, be it with the sound, or photosnaps or videos, or whatever it may be. I want to imagine what it would be like to be next to Axeler, with Jessie on the drum kit and myself singing. I heard that the way to salvation is to sing. God told me that. I am going to FUCKING DITCH this movie if I have to in order to tour with the new GnR. It is MY LIFE AND MY RULES. So producers, directors, don't forget who this is about. I'm so EXCITED. I just cannot hide it, no...no. I wrote a song, I want to share it, ok? MY FIRST ONE. I tried to write it in PHOTOSHOP becauze I do it like that, but I couldn't get tha fontz right, they didn't reflect the emotion. I tried SO many cool fonts, I thought it would be rad to write my emotionz in fonts. Like If I was talkin bout the love thang, I could use a heart font, or sadness, I could use a sad font. Here is my song, just regular text.




thats all I have so far...I feel so vunerable right now...sad, soft.

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